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Good Soup Recipes and their Benefits

It’s always a nice idea to learn a few good soup recipes, as it’s one of the most nutritionally complete foods one can have. Its various health benefits have made it immensely popular with many people, especially those who are conscious about their health and fitness. Soup provides nourishment to the body from the inside and helps in fighting-off a number of diseases. The best part about soup is that you can have it anytime you want; it’s not time-bound at all. A steaming hot bowl of soup can be had at anytime of the day to satiate your hunger. Instead of frying or stewing your vegetables, you can cook it in soup which makes it a lot more nutritional. Soups also have a very low calorie count, which makes them the preferred food for those on a diet or wanting to lose weight. In fact, when it comes to nutritional content per calorie consumed, very few foods can match up to the humble soup.

Different Benefits of Some Good Soup Recipes

Making your own soup is not only economical but also quite convenient. Sure, you may think canned soups are easier to prepare but they also cost a lot more. So you end up paying more for something that’s not fresh. Homemade soups on the other hand can even contain leftovers from your Sunday meal, like chicken bones. You can just about add anything to the soup. Making a large batch also means you can freeze the soup for using it later as all you need to do is de-frost and reheat.

Soups are also the most versatile food items around. A light soup for the first course nicely sets you up for the courses that follow. However, it can also become the main meal by addition of extra protein and carbohydrates. While one day you can choose to thicken your soup with some elbow macaroni, the next day it could be with rice, barley, diced bread or even some stale bread. A small addition of protein will turn the soup into a complete meal instead of just being an appetiser for bigger meals to follow. If you need a lot of protein but are tired of meat sources then you can give tofu a try, other than a can of beans and soybean curd.

Benefits of Some Good Soup Recipes for the Health

Good soup recipes, apart from being soothing to the taste buds, also pack-in many health benefits. Eating soup is a fantastic way of adding healthy vegetables to your daily diet. Most people have problems with consuming such healthy vegetables regularly and for them, the soup is worthwhile meal. A good example is chopped spinach (kale) that can be added at the end of cooking and it helps increase the vitamin levels of your soup apart from its antioxidant and mineral content, which helps in containing winter colds. With certain choices of soup, one can also reduce the risk of developing heart disease and cancer. As you prepare your soup, remember that you are in control of what goes in to the soup.

As mentioned previously, soups contain a lot of protein that helps satiate hunger and the liquid is digested quite rapidly which signals your brain about you getting full. It’s a proven fact that addition of low-energy dense foods like vegetables, fruits and soups to the daily diet is the key to reducing calories and hence, a successful weight loss in the long term. These facts are aimed at encouraging people to consume more of these good foods, like soup, to help them regulate their calorie intake and fat.

Some other benefits of good soups include,

  • Has very low levels of fat, especially the saturated type
  • It’s ideal for ill people and those who face difficulties in chewing, digesting or are recovering from any disease
  • Miso soup and soups created from soy can help reduce the risk of breast cancer. A recent Japanese study has established the fact that breast cancer cases are nearly 10 times lower inJapancompared to western countries
  • Soups are ideal when you are dieting or need to lose some weight quickly. However, it’s essential to know that here variety of the soups matters more than consuming lots of portions of the same soup
  • Thick soups (containing béchamel sauce, eggs or pureed vegetables) are perfect as main dishes and help you add more veggies to your meals
  • Cold soups like Borscht and Gazpacho are ideal for summer times
  • Most soups are today available in low-sodium, low-fat options for those wanting a higher say in the nutritional content of their meals

You’ll be surprised at how nourishing and yet inexpensive is your humble bowl of soup. You can make it simple or elaborate, which is sure to be easy with so many good soup recipes floating around.


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